In the beginning

I just completed my 21 Steps and I am now moving forward towards Traffic in 30 days. Wow… this is going well so far. I have been learning a lot. Good thing I take great notes. For me I pretty much did my 21 Steps in about a week, only because I’m on winter break from my day job so wanted to absorb it all now before I started having a million things on my mind.

My coach has been amazing and I also did a little research in between. Research on what you may ask… Well on the company and how other people are doing in the company. Then after listening to a call I realized something. Sadly said it’s something my husband tells me all the time, “it’s not about what other people are doing… It’s about how you will do it!” So here I am updating my blog and about to dive into Traffic Day 10.  So far this has become a interesting journey just within this short amount of time.

To join my journey click th picture below and email me to let me you joined and how things are going. I will be here as long as the Lord says the same.



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