Thank you

I’m so excited to welcome you into the Active Money Makers wordpress page! I have been following a guaranteed system that should make me money online within 30 days. Some people get confused or discouraged once they start, I am here as proof that the system is actually a great system. I have to ask since you […]

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In the beginning

I just completed my 21 Steps and I am now moving forward towards Traffic in 30 days. Wow… this is going well so far. I have been learning a lot. Good thing I take great notes. For me I pretty much did my 21 Steps in about a week, only because I’m on winter break […]

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About Me

Hello Readers… My name is Antwonette and I am a 32 year old family woman. I have a husband, three wonderful children, and a dog. I work a full time job as a school secretary. I was once a dreamer… I thought of everything and produced nothing. I would start to work on something then […]

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Take it to the Next Level

When starting a business you must take it to the next level to get where you want to be. I have started multiple businesses through the years and always ended up stopping right before moving to the next level. Afraid, discouraged, confused, and doubtful were all the feelings I was going through. It was all […]

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Learn how you can leverage this secret and get $1,250… $3,300… and $5,500 deposited into your bank account on auto-pilot. The 85 richest people on Earth now have as much money as the bottom HALF of the world’s population. That’s right, according to a report released this year by the British humanitarian group Oxfam International… […]

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