Just the beginning

Is it just me or do we all hear the words, “this is just the beginning” more than anything? If it always just the beginning when is it in mid-process? Truth be told it’s always the beginning because everyday is a new day. Everyday we wake up with a chance to be limitless with new […]

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All over the Place

I seem to be the one that ends up all over the place. I have been from Marketing company to marketing company because I couldn’t get it right. Did you read that…I said, “I couldn’t get it right!” It’s so easy to complain about things being wrong because someone else didn’t get it right. I […]

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Thank you

I’m so excited to welcome you into the Active Money Makers wordpress page! I have been following a guaranteed system that should make me money online within 30 days. Some people get confused or discouraged once they start, I am here as proof that the system is actually a great system. I have to ask since you […]

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In the beginning

I just completed my 21 Steps and I am now moving forward towards Traffic in 30 days. Wow… this is going well so far. I have been learning a lot. Good thing I take great notes. For me I pretty much did my 21 Steps in about a week, only because I’m on winter break […]

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About Me

Hello Readers… My name is Antwonette and I am a 32 year old family woman. I have a husband, three wonderful children, and a dog. I work a full time job as a school secretary. I was once a dreamer… I thought of everything and produced nothing. I would start to work on something then […]

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Take it to the Next Level

When starting a business you must take it to the next level to get where you want to be. I have started multiple businesses through the years and always ended up stopping right before moving to the next level. Afraid, discouraged, confused, and doubtful were all the feelings I was going through. It was all […]

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Learn how you can leverage this secret and get $1,250… $3,300… and $5,500 deposited into your bank account on auto-pilot. The 85 richest people on Earth now have as much money as the bottom HALF of the world’s population. That’s right, according to a report released this year by the British humanitarian group Oxfam International… […]

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